Generational Studies by A Non-Professional

People say generations are marked by big events, even ones that they have no memory of. So with this in mind I would like to provide a new way to look at generations.

People say that millenials are marked by 9/11, and they say that zoomers are marked by the 2008 financial crisis.

I can’t remember either, so what am I, a late millenial or an early zoomer?

I was born just one month before 9/11, same as with most of my friends, they were all born in 2001.

We don’t remember any of it, but I can bet there were some millenials that don’t remember it as well.

We are separated in this cohort that can be called late millenials, we’re still zoomers but we are not part of that general cohort.

And those millenials that don’t remember shit? They’re early zoomers, they’re still part of their general cohort but they necessarily don’t feel comfortable with the millenial label.

My theory is, anyone born between 2 and 4 years after 9/11 are part of this zoomer cohort, and anyone 2 and 4 years before 9/11 is part of the early zoomers cohort.

My theory is more furthered when we consider the internet. And how some people were raised by it and others were raised with it. As it relates to the general zoomer cohort, seemed as most of them were raised by it.

I was raised with it, I didn’t discover the internet until I was 10 I think. Some people discovered it at an early age and weren’t necessarily raised by it, but raised with it. As the internet evolved, we evolved with it. This experience is only apparent on late millenials.

Late zoomers are raised by the internet, because the internet has already reached it’s maturity, much like late millenials. The internet is already a power beyond control.

This internet culture is already ingrained in children’s heads. That’s why I think we ought to look at generations born and raised in the internet culture at a different way. And the ones before too.

Early zoomers are mostly starting college right now, or building their business. That’s what differentiates them from normal millenials, just like zoomers they have an entrepreneurial spirit. They want to be their own bosses.

This might not apply only to early zoomers but it’s a trait commonly seen in them.

When we reach the end of the late millenial age a different cohort of zoomers arise. These are normal zoomers, kids that can’t live without the internet. Who seek attention at all costs, in likes, retweets, and mentions.

The dilema here is solved. And if you still feel outta place be free to be whatever you feel like.




claire f; a queer human being trying to be reasonable with its own problems!

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éclairy writes

éclairy writes

claire f; a queer human being trying to be reasonable with its own problems!

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